Trainers Methodology Core Units of Competencies

Plan Training Session

Covers competence required to plan training session, including identification of learner's requirements, preparation of session plan and instructional materials, organization of learning, teaching and assessment resources.

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Facilitate Learning Session

Covers competence required to deliver Competency-Based Training Session, including preparation of training session, conduct of pre-assessment, training session facilitation, conduct competency assessment and review delivery of training session.

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Utilize Electronic Media in Facilitating Training

Utilize Electronic Media in Facilitating Training covers competence required in advance training environment using electronic media in facilitating training, including operation and maintenance of the equipment.

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Maintaining Training Facilities

Covers the skills and knowledge that you must have in order to implement a maintenance system/program effectively. This course includes maintaining training facilities, equipment, tools and materials and the procedures involved in implementing housekeeping activities and maintenance systems. This also includes documenting maintenance activities and keeping maintenance records.

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Supervising Work-Based Learning

This module will tackle the skills that you need to acquire in order to fulfill your duties as a trainer involved in work-based training. This course will help you understand work-based learning and its modalities as well as the activities that are part of planning, implementing and evaluating a work-based training program.

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Conduct Competency Assessment (Updated)

Covers competence required to conduct National Assessment. It details the requirements for organizing assessment activities, preparing the candidate, gathering and evaluating evidence, making assessment decision, recording and providing feedback on assessment outcome.

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Our Vision

To provide highest standard opportunities and Soft Skills Training of exceptional quality through facilitators who are constantly envolving to achieve their higher goals in life to empowers others and the community and to increased the productity but also in enhhanced personal effectiveness.


To make TESDA Regional Training Center - Iligan a dynamic, vibrant, value-based learning organization comprising of exceptionally skilled, motivated and committed professional trainers who facilitate seamless transformation of our graduates to excellent performers.


This encompasses competencies required of a Technical- Vocational Trainer to perform the tasks in the areas of instructional delivery/facilitation, competency assessment, and maintenance of training resources/facilities.

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